Cooper River Bridge Run
Happy me after my third 10K, the 2014 Cooper River Bridge Run

I used to think the only reasons I would run were if a) someone was actively chasing me b) if I was being attacked by a swarm of bees or c) if I saw a sign that says “Free French Fries if you run over here right now.” It turns out that running for pleasure is kind of, well… pleasurable. It’s been a struggle for the past couple of years. After I started running in 2012, I hit about 100 little plateaus, but also celebrated a bunch of little victories.

One of the best ways I ever got through a plateau was to commit to 30 Days of Motivation. I spent one month motivating myself with sometimes silly and sometimes simple, but always inspiring actions and thoughts that kept me moving toward my goal of becoming a runner. If you’re stuck in a plateau and you’re ready to get back on track (See what I did there?… track? running? Just give me a sympathy laugh…), here are some posts to get you started on your own 30 Days of Motivation.

Running out of motivation

Only One

Role Model: not the awesome movie with Paul Rudd

Do it to feel good

My first 10K

How far I’ve come

Learning how to improve

Waking up motivated

Running tour of America

Running back to confidence


Inspiration turned to motivation

Simply Motivating (WARNING: this post contains a gorgeous photo of Ryan Gosling)

Run for Boston

Immediate feeling of accomplishment 

Countdown to the next 10K

Setting new goals

Turn your day around

Small steps

Personalized rules

More recent running posts

I signed up for a half marathon, then I ran it.

I promise, I’m still running.

Who wears short shorts?

I signed up for a half marathon, so now I have to run it. 


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