England 2013
Happy, happy me on one of my absolute favorite trips: England 2013

I definitely have the travel bug. I get the jitters and feelings of entrapment when I’m in one place for too long. That usually sparks a weekend in the mountains or manic planning for a summer internship in another state or country. I have been incredibly lucky to be able to travel often and to some absolutely incredible places. So, with my passion for environmental sustainability driving most aspects of my life, I have made an effort to travel as “green” as possible. From absurd Megabus journeys to the delightful local flavors of all the places I visit, traveling has been the source of some priceless stories and irreplaceable memories. Here are some of my fave travel posts!

On my most recent travel adventure to Austin, Texas:

SXSW Eco | Austin, TX (Trigger warning: this post is mostly about food)

That one time I tried to video blog about my attempted minimalism:

Minimal-ish Packing: 5 Days, 2 Cities

Minimal-ish Packing: Results

Oh, Megabus! If you are considering a Megabus trip, whether it is across the state or halfway across the country, read these little gems:

7,000 miles of Megabus amenities

Human interactions on the megabus

A four-part glimpse into how crazy I am about traveling green:

Megabus Happenings: Green Travel Part 1

Keeping Myself Busy: Green Travel Part 2

The Journey Back: Green Travel Part 3

The Budget: Green Travel Part 4

A random compilation of green travel stories:

An Inconvenient Trip

One of my favorite trips ever: Guilt-free green travel

The post that started it all: This one’s for you mom (traveling green)



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